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Urbis Research Forum

The Urbis Research Forum is an informal space for diverse discussions exploring urban issues.

Established in the summer of 2009, the forum is not-for-profit and brings together anyone interested in cities and urban life. The Urbis Research Forum links people together by hosting regular meetings in Manchester for those who live in cities, people who work trying to design, manage and improve them and people who study or analyse them.

Forum activities include talks, roundtable discussions, walks and special events. The meetings will be based around an inclusive and supportive dialogue with topics including, but not limited to, urban planning, history, culture, design and society. The Urbis Research Forum also encourages dialogue about the past, present and future of Greater Manchester. The proceedings will be published online through the Urbis Research Forum Review (ISSN: 2042-034X)

Each Forum session is free.

Next Session:

Light Matters
6.00 pm, Thursday, 27 June 2013
113-115, Portland Street
M1 6DW

Light is a mysterious and magical thing. We see with light and we see the changing effects of light by day and night as it transforms the landscape. Light can dazzle us with glare, advertise products and services, reveal unseen or unnoticed features, show pedestrians and motorists the way, highlight people and buildings, add allure to music and theatrical shows, and transform the experience of familiar space. This session aims to expose issues around the affordances of darkness in the city and light and the branding of cities.


Dr. Tim Edensor (MMU)
Dr. Steve Millington (MMU)

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