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Urban Interventions

Urban Interventions
6.00 pm, Thursday, 31st January 2013
113-115, Portland Street
M1 6DW

In the fast paced modern city, driven by commerce and capital, it is sometimes hard to see the gaps and the openings that let us see the city as something other than a place of monetary exchange. The first meeting of the reconvened Urbis Research Forum aims to explore these in-between spaces, and to expose the city as a site of resistance and intervention. The roles of both activist art and commissioned art in the city will be explored by a range of speakers from different positions. Through this we hope to understand how actions and art can help us make new readings and conversations about urban politics. What constitutes activism? How do cities deploy art and artists? How do artists and activists use the city and its spaces to provide views on the urban condition?

This session is also the launch of the paperback edition of Urban Maps (Ashgate, 2013) by Richard Brook and Nick Dunn.


Richard Brook (Manchester School of Architecture)
Alex King (Piccadilly Partnership)
Morag Rose (Loiterers Resistance Movement)

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