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The Review

The Urbis Research Forum Review

The Urbis Research Forum Review is the online journal of the Urbis Research Forum. Each issue brings together the highlights from different sessions.

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vol1_issue1_The Mancunian Way

Featured Articles
The Alchemy of Concrete: Towards an Imaginative Geography of the Mancunian Way
Dr. Julian Holloway
The Everyday Life of the Mancunian Way: An Exploration of the Mundane
Maureen Ward

vol1_issue2_Science and the City

Featured Articles
Synergetic City: Urban Algae Production as a Regenerative Tool for the Post-Industrial City
Prof. Greg Keeffe
Martin Dodge

Vol.1, Issue 3_Landscapes

Featured Articles
Reading the Calder Valley and Todmorden: Rural, Industrial, Nuclear
Steve Hanson
Landscape and Art: The Place of Beauty
Prof. Joanna Hodge
The Concept of Ruin: Sartre and the Existential City
Dr. Henry Somers-Hall

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